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Organisational Structure

The Milnex Group’s organisational culture is based on family values, and fair and equal treatment is of great importance to our group of companies. At the Milnex Group our greatest asset is our employees. Our vision for our employees is, to see that we all succeed in life.

Therefore we aim to upskill our employees, in order for them to grow personally and professionally in the Milnex Group. We believe that if we treat our employees fairly and with compassion, they will contribute to the Milnex Group. At the Milnex Group our staff turnover is very low and the majority of our employees have been working for the Milnex Group for 4 years or longer. This is because the Milnex Group cares for its employees and create opportunities for employees to be trained, uplifted and empowered. Our employees are made part of the decision making, part of the creativity of our business, and part of the Milnex Group family.

For this reason, the Milnex Group has “heart”, and we all have the same goal in mind: to grow the Milnex Group and to make a success of the Milnex Group, because it is to the benefit of all.