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Our skilled garden maintenance team is always available to assist in all your garden needs.

In General

Milnex offers exclusive horticultural services to Tshwane and surrounding areas. Our skilled team of specialists are available to meet all your horticultural services needs.

All areas are unique and different, with variations in soil type, angle of land, size, position of trees and lawns. Our landscapers prefer to come and analyse your space . We like to get to fully understand all the aspects that make the space unique, so we can provide a quality service at the best possible price.

From estates to memorial gardens, corporate parks school playgrounds to city streets, our landscapers will work with you to achieve your aspirations and get the most out of your space, however daunting a task it might seem. What's more, we're available all year round, so we can tend to all your landscaping needs whenever you require. Just some of the commercial hard and soft landscaping services we provide are:

  • Resoiling and lawn care
  • Area rehabilitation
  • Install fences
  • Create stunning flower beds and borders
  • Tree Felling

Estate Maintenance

The Milnex Group is the leading high skilled commercial maintenance supplier in South Africa. Our teams are capable of servicing large spaces including estates,  we offer all kinds of estate maintenance services:

  • Full area horticultural maintenance
  • Weekly visitation
  • Monthly analysis
  • Lawn cutting
  • Border control
  • Shrub pruning
  • Upkeep of plant beds.
  • Bush, ficus, shrub, topiary, and ground cover trimming.
  • Stabilization of trees, palms, and plants.
  • Area Upkeep

Rubble Removal and Ground Clearance

The Milnex Group provides various services including removing building and garden rubble from developed sites and also does ground clearance for future development of vacant stands. As part of our fleet we have 8 ton flatbed trucks, 5 ton tipper trailers and TLB’s to execute these tasks.

We provide services of picking and cleaning-up landscape debris which may result from storms, flooding or any other natural events. We are capable of large scale area clean-ups and our teams are always available.

Grass Cutting, Corporate Garden Maintenance, Horticultural Services & Park Beautification

Milnex has a diverse interest in horticultural maintenance and development. Full time horticultural staff oversees all maintenance actions. Milnex is a registered CIDB contractor with a 4SH rating for horticultural maintenance. Milnex is also an Eskom Accredited contractor for vegetation management on Eskom servitudes.

Services offered are:

  • Bush clearance under live power lines
  • Weed control
  • Fertilizing
  • Irrigation
  • Pruning
  • Chemical pest control
  • Litter and rubbish removal
  • Cutting of grass
  • Removal of building rubble
  • Firebreaks
  • Ground clearance and rubble removal
  • Eradication of invader plants, CARA legislative trees
  • Cutting of grass on undeveloped and open spaces
  • Supply & Installation of park and street furniture
  • Park beautification / landscaping
  • Rehabilitation of environmentally sensitive areas

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