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Training & Skills Development

Milnex is an AgriSETA accredited training provider and we present various Unit Standard based practical and applicable agricultural short skills programmes in Horticulture and Plant Production.

Community Upliftment & Empowerment

Skills Development and Empowerment

The Milnex Group is involved in educating the community in the prevention and treatment of HIV and Aids. This is done through short courses presented to the family and friends of our employees. These people are not only informed of the dangers of HIV for their own wellbeing, but are also trained as “foot soldiers” to communicate the dangers and prevention to others at grassroots level. The Milnex Group is also actively involved in the skills development and empowerment of black, unemployed women from underprivileged areas and local townships. The Milnex Group provides them with free training in SAQA accredited skills programmes and with practical experience. These women are empowered through portable skills and the ability to transfer these skills to other community members.

Social Upliftment

The Milnex Group recognizes the difficulties underprivileged communities experience in their day to day survival. Therefore we have committed ourselves to providing food parcels to schools and the elderly in poor communities on a monthly basis. The Milnex Group is extensively involved in the Danville Help Project. This project is run by a small group of volunteers with the purpose of providing food, clothing and accommodation for the needy people of Danville, a poor suburb of Pretoria. The eventual goal is empowerment of the community through Self-help Projects thereby creating jobs and generating income for these poor communities.

Low Cost Housing

The Milnex Group is in association with various governmental and private institutions, which is involved in the building of low-cost housing in underprivileged communities. The Milnex Group donated their first low-cost house in 2018 and has since been actively involved in the provision of low-cost housing.