03 January 2019 20:20:11

We've rebranded after 12 years of building a business with dedicated people.

We’ve Rebranded!

You may have noticed that we recently gave our brand a face lift. We’re excited to finally unveil our new look, and we want to tell you all about it.

Why the change?

We’ve come a long way since Milnex was founded in 2008.

As individuals and as a company, we’ve learned a lot along the way and felt that our former logo, images, illustrations, and colors didn’t represent who we are anymore. We have realised that we need to be a more inclusive brand instead of having multiple businesses. We have done this so that we can market under one banner.

Our goal & inspiration

A lot of love went into our rebrand.

Today, we examine the ways customers want to interact with brands and help strengthen their relationships by unifying intuitive functionality and engaging design.

Our logo

At its core, we wanted our new logo to reflect our roots and link it to the horticultural aspect, however we still offer a wide range of services

Throughout the creative process, we kept several ideas in mind:

  • Material design: focusing on adaptable components, which also influenced us to choose Montserrat as our font

  • Geometric Lines: This represents the many aspects to our business.

  • Customer journey: We want our customers to feel part of the family

Meet our new logo!

The logo’s geometric shapes are lighthearted but grounded. When you partner with us, we want you to feel that you’re in the company of dependable and experienced professionals who are also down to earth.

Our illustrations & colors

A modern look with the use of primary colors and begins with simple geometric shapes. Bringing these components together creates something unique and long-lasting .

Wrapping up

Whether you’ve known us for a while or are meeting us today for the first time, we’ve changed a lot, but we’re still the same team working hard to push the boundaries and deliver best services possible.